Tips to Reduce Stress as a Single Parent

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1 in 4 children are living in a household that has only one parent. While it can be overwhelming to raise a family in a single-parent household, finding ways to manage stress is helpful for the overall well-being and happiness of not only you but your child(ren).  Asking for help from friends and family is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. If you don’t have many family members close by, getting in touch with local outreach groups can be beneficial for you. While you may feel alone, there are others in the same exact situation that are willing to help you get the support you need.

If you are feeling drained, take some personal time for yourself. The dishes and the laundry can wait. The best way to have healthy and lasting relationships with your children, and yourself, is to make sure you are getting the time you need to recharge and refocus. Even simple activities like being active, taking time to read a book, or even talking about how you’re feeling with someone you know can be huge in boosting your energy levels.

If you are the sole provider for your family, additional stress can come from dealing with certain expenses. Try to find a budget that works and stick to it. If you are still coming up short, find out how you can get help from local or federal government programs. If you are receiving child support from an ex-spouse, speak with them about your concerns in a safe environment where you can speak calmly. Your children can sense when the moods around them are bad and they can be negatively affected. Working to stay positive will ultimately improve your family’s life and your personal life.

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