Consequences of Not Paying Child Support

Child Support

The State of Illinois takes child support obligations seriously. If you’re unable to pay child support, there are a number of problems that may result. Here are some of the consequences of not paying child support from the Chicago family law lawyer team at Doman Law:

Loss of freedom and frequent court appearancesĀ 

If you fail to pay your child support, the court can send you to jail. Of course, that makes it even harder to pay your child support. The court can require you to pay a bond amount to get out of jail that they can apply towards your child support obligation. In addition to jail time, you may find yourself faced with frequent court appearances as the court questions you about why you haven’t paid.

Tax and bank account garnishment

The court can try to satisfy your child support obligation by looking in places where you might have money. If you’re expecting to receive a tax refund, child support collectors might intercept your return and apply it to your child support balance. They might also dip into any bank accounts that you have using court orders to collect the payments from your accounts.

Loss of your driver’s license or occupational license

A child support arrearage can result in the loss of your driver’s license. This can create a cyclical problem if you depend on your license to get to work. The state can keep your driver’s license on suspension until they’re happy with the progress you’ve made making child support payments. In addition, if you have an occupational license, the state can also suspend that license until you’re current in your payments.

What if the child support amount is incorrect?

You may not be able to pay child support because the amount you’re supposed to pay is incorrect. If you’ve suffered a job change or a disability, you still owe the amount of your current, monthly payment each month until you ask the court to change it. If you have questions about your child support payment or you need help addressing a child support arrearage, contact the Chicago family law lawyer team atĀ Doman Law. They can help you address the court, review your child support payments and get back on track.

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