How to Change a Child Support Order in Chicago

Child Support

You’ve been taking care of the children since the divorce and making due with the child support that comes in, but you just found out your ex has a new job and makes much more than ever before. You want your children to benefit from their parent’s income increase, but your ex thinks you should still be satisfied with what the original support order determined. What can you do? Read more for the steps to change a child support order in Chicago. 

Income levels and the needs of your children will change over time. In recognition of this, once every three years the Division of Child Support Services in Chicago will notify you that you are able to request a modification of your child support order. However, you do not have to wait for this notification, if one of these other conditions exists:

  • Substantial increase in non-custodial parent income (new job, raise, etc)
  • Substantial decrease in non-custodial parent income (unemployment, long term illness, or other disability)
  • Changes in child needs (due to illness or disability that requires more financial support)
  • Changes in child healthcare coverage needs
  • Child has turned 18 or is no longer living with the custodial parent

If any of these factors are at play, you can file a request for a modification review with the Division of Child Support Services. If the DCSS agrees that changes in your circumstances mean you are eligible for a review, they will require both parents to submit income information. This will be used to recalculate the amount of the child support order.

What if the court doesn’t agree that your child support should increase? Whether you feel like your spouse was dishonest in the reported income or that the courts do not fully understanding the needs of your children, you are able to contest the modification results. The process will depend on whether you have a judicial order or an administrative order.

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