Suspected Child Abuse- Modify Chicago Custody Orders

Child Abuse

You made it through the divorce, but you feel like your troubles have only started. You send your children to your ex for their court-ordered parenting time, but you’re disturbed by how they return. Perhaps they are emotionally withdrawn and distant, or they have emotional outbursts that can’t be explained only by the difficulties of having divorced parents. They might even have unusual bruises or signs of sexual abuse. You know this can’t go on, but you are afraid of violating the parenting time orders. You don’t know what to do next- but the Michael P. Doman Law Firm knows.

Act Now.

The parenting time orders were put in place because the court sincerely believed that an ongoing relationship with both parents was in the best interest of the child. The courts would never knowingly endanger your children. Perhaps there was never evidence of abuse before the divorce. The divorce changed everything about your ex’s life, and not all of it would have been for the better. It is entirely possible that in the aftermath of the divorce, your ex has struggled with depression or anger, and fostered dangerous new habits that have led to becoming an abuser in ways no one could have predicted.

Find Out The Truth.

Perhaps it isn’t your ex that is committing the abuse, but a new partner, roommate, or neighbor. Even if your former spouse has never hurt your children, they are still to blame if they are providing an environment in which your children are not safe. A parent’s job is to always protect his or her children. If your spouse is not doing everything possible to make sure the children are safe when they are with him or her, then you have every right to seek a modification to the parenting time order.

Get Help Immediately.

Don’t wait until the next scheduled review of your custody arrangement, and don’t try to confront your ex on your own. Contact the law office of Michael P. Doman as soon as possible. We will help you immediately act to protect your children. Whether through court-ordered parenting classes, having visits always supervised by a trusted adult, or by stopping parenting time entirely, there are many solutions available. Trust your instincts. If something is wrong, if you suspect abuse, contact the Michael P. Doman law firm now. We will do everything possible to help you protect your children.

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