Child Support- My Ex Isn’t Paying! Chicago Divorce Lawyer

Child Support

You already went through the pain, stress, and difficulties of obtaining the child support order, and like most of us, you would expect that to be the end of it and payment to be guaranteed. The court has spoken, and your ex must obey. However, having an order in place doesn’t mean your ex will come through. If he or she is not paying at all, is late in paying, or is claiming an inability to pay, check out our Do and Don’ts for getting the money your children need:


  • Make threats against your ex
  • Keep your children from contacting your ex
  • Refuse to let your ex visit according to your parenting time schedule- keep obeying the court orders even if your ex isn’t
  • Try to access your ex’s funds
  • Try to sell your ex’s possessions
  • Try to get the money from your ex’s family


  • Contact a Chicago Divorce Lawyer for help
  • Petition the court to enforce the order and to include interest on past due amounts
  • Talk to your lawyer about wage garnishment through your ex’s employer
  • Ask your lawyer about petitioning the court to intercept your ex’s tax returns
  • Learn about the many penalties the court can enforce, such as suspension of driver’s license, citing the debt on the ex’s credit report, using private collection agencies, and much more.

We understand your frustrations. You may not be married anymore, but having children means that you and your ex will both always be parents. There is no avoiding or eliminating those responsibilities to your children. They need and deserve support from their non-custodial parent, and the law agrees. A Chicago Divorce Lawyer at The Law Offices of Michael P. Doman, Ltd we have the experience you need to petition the court for enforcement of your child support. We will vigorously defend the financial support rights of your children. Contact us today for a review of your case.

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