Important Things to Do When Filing for Divorce

Have you and your spouse recently decided to file for divorce? Even when the divorce is uncontested (both parties have agreed to the divorce), the process can still be overwhelming and stressful. Divorce is a decision that will impact your family financially and emotionally, so it is important to plan ahead before filing. To ensure that your case is successful, here are several steps you can take before filing, and during, the divorce process.

  1. Where do you stand financially? The first factor you will need to consider before filing for divorce is where you stand financially. During the divorce proceedings, you and your spouse will need to divide up your assets, so it is important for you to have a clear picture of your income, as well as any assets you own (house, vehicle, etc.) and any debts that you personally have, or debts you and your spouse both share.
  2. Do you have a budget post-divorce? Moving from a dual-income household to a single one can be a rough transition. If you are filing for divorce from your spouse, it is important to create a budget for yourself for when the divorce is finalized. By accounting for monthly expenses, like rent or mortgage payments, food, utilities, and insurance now, you can save yourself time and worry later.
  3. Have you hired a divorce attorney? To ensure the best possible outcome in your divorce, you should hire a divorce attorney that has experience with cases like yours. An attorney can help you file all the necessary paperwork, accurately and in a timely manner. Take the time to meet with a few attorneys and find one that you are comfortable working within your divorce case.

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