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Domestic Violence

Almost everyone marries out of love. You have certain expectations and beliefs in how your wedding is going to play out. However, that isn’t always the case and sometimes you will need to look towards a divorce in Chicago. Even then, you hope the divorce is somewhat smooth, yet there can be those individuals who become violent during the marriage, causing you to fear for your life. Should this ever happen it is time for you to move on and move out as quickly as possible and get an order of protection.

As soon as things turn violent and you know it is time to move on, you need to contact Chicago family law attorneys. They can help walk you through the process. If you are hit or injured in any way, make sure to document this. It will help your case when it goes to court. Even if just a small bruise you need to photograph it and date it.

The next step is to move out. If you fear for your life you need to find someplace you can go. If there are children, make sure to take the kids as well for their protection. Even if it means leaving the house temporarily, it is better to be safe now.

Also, make sure to contact the police. Make sure you have something lined up for where you can go when calling. If you are in the house and believe you are in immediate danger, always call 911. Police reports on file do help substantially and will make it easier for you to prove any kind of physical violence. Also, look into filing a restraining order on the individual.

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