3 Ways to Plan for the Holidays When Divorced with Children

Holiday Divorce

What makes holidays special is the family gathering together and depending on which holiday it is, sharing gifts bought for each other. When this will no longer be happening because their parents have split up, it takes a toll on children. While there may be ill feelings and ill will between the two parents who are splitting up, they both need to be civil and courteous for the sake of their children especially when it comes to how holidays will be spent.

There are three ways to do this;

1) Agree to enjoy part of the holiday together at a neutral location
Perhaps the marriage has ended because one partner was unfaithful, irresponsible with money, or done something else that is very hurting or offending. For this reason, the offended partner may not want the other back in the marital home, even for a visit. A holiday can still be enjoyed at a neutral place like lunch at a family restaurant or at a theme park.

2) Involve older kids in planning for the holidays
Very young kids may not be able to understand that one parent will no longer be living with them. Older ones can. Help them get over their feelings about the divorce by involving them in holiday planning. Ideally, this should be done with both parents present so that they can discuss the options with the kids. If it’s possible to fit in all that the children want to do during a holiday, it should be done. Otherwise, discuss compromises that work for the kids.

3) Hold double celebrations
If one parent has moved far away and cannot make it for personal special days like birthdays and even holidays, double the fun and hold double celebrations. Let the kids celebrate separately with both parents when they have their time with the child or children. This way, there is no feeling of missing out.

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