Divorce: What Not to Do

When you’re starting divorce proceedings, you’ll be buffeted on every side by advice. Some are warranted: legal advice, advice from trusted friends, and the like. But much of it comes from well-meaning acquaintances. Constantly being told what to do can muddle the process. But there is also a list of things not to do that many people early in the divorce process ignore.
1. Avoid sharing on social media. If possible, avoid posting at all, as a picture of an innocent lunch with friends can be used in court to show misuse of marital funds. If you must keep up your social media presence, post content unrelated to your divorce, as that content can be used against you.
2. Do not ignore the court. Despite the court’s temporary orders being, well, temporary, ignoring them can cause permanent consequences that affect your case.
3. Avoid spending lavishly. It can be tempting to see the divorce as the “end” of something and to adopt a devil-may-care attitude regarding your finances. However, the financial split is a huge aspect of the divorce case, and any attempt to somehow hoard or break down shared finances could cause a discrepancy in the final division of property.
4. Do not attempt to manipulate your children. Child custody is determined by a complex set of factors, one of which can be the child’s preference. However, to establish what is truly best for the child, allow your role as a parent to speak for itself.
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