Four Misconceptions Regarding Spousal Abuse

Domestic Violence

Despite statistics bordering on epidemic proportions (with up to 10 million victims a year being affected by domestic violence), abuse remains a subject that is widely misunderstood. Consequently, those who are stuck in abusive marriages may not know how to leave, or they might not even think they should leave. The following points are some of the most common misconceptions you might not realize about domestic abuse.

“She had it coming.” Tragically, many people think that a victim deserved to be struck by an intimate partner. The victim might also believe it. No matter what you might think, nobody deserves to be slapped, punched, kicked, or otherwise physically hurt by someone they should be able to love and trust – no matter the reason.

Women and children are the only victims of abuse. This statement could not be more wrong. Anyone can be victimized by an abuser, whether they are a woman, child, man, wealthy, poor, black, white, educated, or uneducated. Abuse does not discriminate by age, gender, race, or social or economic status.

It’s not spousal abuse if nobody is physically hurt. Actually, verbal and emotional abuse are some of the worst ways an abuser can cause damage. Studies have shown that emotional abuse may be just as harmful as being physically struck. It can cause confusion and doubt and make the victim feel as if he or she is “going crazy” or just imagining the abuse. Emotional and verbal attacks can cause long-lasting psychological trauma.

They would leave if the abuse was that serious. Sadly, it is very difficult to leave an abuser. They tend to gain control over all aspects of their victims’ lives. Also, leaving a violent spouse can be dangerous. It is important to involve law enforcement and abuse agencies in leaving a violent abuser.

The Chicago divorce attorneys at our law office understand the difficulties you face if you are considering divorcing an abusive spouse. Your options may include obtaining a protective order and seeking emergency shelter. We can advise you on effective ways to achieve the help you need in leaving your spouse, as well as get you started in the divorce process.

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