Surviving a Divorce with a Strong Support System

Divorce elicits different feelings and reactions in different people. Some people don’t want to be asked questions or to have to talk about what led to the divorce, sometimes because they don’t want to face the truth themselves. Others worry about how they will be perceived in society, especially if they are in the limelight.

Yet the support of friends and family when going through a divorce is imperative. It can be found in four ways:

1) Joining a support group
Someone who is going through the same thing that you really get it. You can find a support group for people going through a divorce in your area online. Hearing their own experiences and knowing you are not alone will give you strength.

2) Get involved in online forums
You can also join an online forum where you can talk to others or a counselor in a chat room or through a message board. You can also read blogs about other people’s experiences on blogs and see what helped them to get through it.

3) Get out there
Pursue your own interests; start tending to your garden, travel to a place you’ve always wanted to go, or get involved in parent’s activities at your child’s school. Do things that distract you and make you happy.

4) Lend a hand
If you feel abandoned and misunderstood rather than supported, turn it into a positive and offer support to the aged, the disabled, orphans, or other groups of people who also feel aligned and alone. You will find happiness in creating theirs.

Starting point
A good place to start is to get the legal aspect sorted out. The Law Office of Michael P. Doman Ltd. is a team of Chicago Divorce Attorneys who can take care of that. If you wish, the Chicago Divorce Attorneys at the Law Office of Michael P. Doman Ltd. can refer you to divorce support groups or councilors.

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